Britain Is Hollywood’s Home Away From Home

The British studio landscape

“You have to fight for crew, for equipment, stage space, studio space, hotel rooms,” Smith said. The 215 feature films that started shooting between January and September have spent $1.3 billion, according to Film London. Much of the activity is due to Britain’s tax incentive, begun in 2007 and used by more than 1,000 productions. The credit, which was just expanded to include television and animation, has begun to lure high-profile TV productions, including the Fox miniseries “24: Live Another Day” and a new HBO series. Under the incentive, productions spending more than about $32 million can claim a rebate of 20%, up to 80% of their total budget. Britain’s incentive is different from California’s in some crucial ways: It has no cap California’s is available only to films with budgets under $75 million and it includes above-the-line costs, such as actor, writer and director salaries, which California’s does not.
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