Jamie Dornan: ’50 Shades’ New Christian Grey

Hunnam, meanwhile, is looking forward to family time. Charlie Hunnam speaks on ’50 Shades’ exit “I am doing good (after dropping ‘Fifty Shades’),” the 33-year-old recently told E! News . “Just trying to stay focused and stay positive and keep trying to do a good job at work go and be with my family.” Hunnam was faced with an onslaught of attention, both positive and negative, after his casting announcement, sparking speculation that he exited the part because of the overwhelming amount of interest. However, studio Universal said Hunnam’s TV schedule didn’t give him time to adequately prepare Kim Kardashian to play Christian Grey. Production was expected to begin on the film, adapted from E.L. James’ erotic best-seller and to be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, in early November. The studio has already announced a scheduled release date of August 1, 2014.
Full story: http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/24/showbiz/celebrity-news-gossip/jamie-dornan-50-shades-christian/index.html


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